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"Alternative Canine dog training was a great experience for both our family as well as our puppy. In Home training allowed Katie to train our dog on many behaviors that were important to OUR family in OUR home. Me, as the parent was able to watch and learn from Katie’s cue’s and then practice them all week. This combination was a huge success and therefore our puppy learned so much quicker. 
You could definitely see Katie’s passion for animals. She was well educated, prepared always had time to answer questions and explain the reasoning behind her training. I would definitely recommend Alternative Canine dog training for a puppy as well as an older dog who may have a bad habit or two. It was a great experience." 


-Sara B. & Ellie


"Our six-year-old dog, Hercules, went through the Bringing Home Baby training with Katie at Alternative Canine. We’ve never had such peace of mind and proud puppy parent moments as we did going through this process. We watched Hercules go from an already well behaved pooch to an obedient and loving furry big brother. You always get a little nervous when you hear about how other dogs become jealous, overly-energetic and they don’t understand why a different thing in the house is getting attention. If you love your dog as if it’s your own child, and want to make sure they stay connected to the family as big changes happen in the house, Alternative Canine is the only way to get it done and get it done with everyone happier in the end then when they started. Thank you for peace in our home and couch cuddles with the whole family!"

-Abby A. & Hercules


"Katie is a wonderful dog trainer! She worked with our Boxer/Pit mix, Lilo, multiple times. We worked on impulse control with Lilo and teaching her how to calm herself down, which was great because we have three young kids. This helped us set boundaries for Lilo and the kids and now they interact better than before! We love it because we can spend more time as a whole family without having to worry about her misbehaving. Thanks Alternative Canine!"

-Nikki K & Lilo


"We contacted Katie for help with a newly rescued young female beagle, Lucy. Being long time dog owners, we were used to many dog behavioral issues-but this particular pup presented a major challenge. We were having issues with anxiety, but mostly with dog to dog aggression. We were beyond stressed out trying to integrate our new rescue into our home with our other resident dog. Katie immediately responded to our inquiry and was at our home within days of us reaching out. She was kind, compassionate and very professional. Our Lucy immediately took to her, becoming excited and looking forward to our weekly training sessions! We ended up working with Katie for almost 2 months, meeting every week. Each time Katie left, I could see the confidence growing in our dog. Lucy arrived to our home a scared, timid dog with no confidence. She was 18 months old and came with zero sense of what it was like to be a “real dog” in a loving home. After 6 sessions, she had learned basic obedience, and her demeanor had grown from that of an abused dog, to one of a trusting dog eager to learn and please her humans. Because of Katie, Lucy gained a foundation to grow into a happy, well behaved dog. We cannot speak highly enough of Katie, and her commitment to helping us (and Lucy)."


-Brock and Jennifer A. & Lucy


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