• Katie Plyter, ABCDT

Setting Training Goals for the New Year

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Let's talk New Years resolutions. I think its safe to say the majority of people make the same ones every year;

1. Eat Healthier

2. Save Money

3. Exercise

and let's be honest, come the end of the year, the majority of people never reach those goals. Life gets in the way, excuses start to creep up, and your goals get shoved aside. So, I think its time for a change!

Changing up your goals can give you new inspiration to reach them, and your training goals make GREAT New Years resolutions. Make it a priority to finally teach your dog to loose leash walk so you can enjoy tons of strolls through the park this summer. Or work on polite greetings so you can have guests over without your dog jumping all over them. Maybe even teach your dog some much needed impulse control so you can stop

replacing pairs of shoes after he chews them all up. Life can get hectic and sometimes we learn to live with inconveniences because its easy, but make 2019 the start to great things. Tackle those training goals and build an unbreakable bond with your dog, I promise you won't be disappointed. Not to mention;

1. Having guests over for dinner instead of going out = eating healthier, staying on track with your diet, and away from bad food choices (plus your dog can be a part of the fun)

2. Fixing that impulse control problem = saving money, not having to replace ruined items (plus your dog starts to understand his boundaries and your bond will grow)

3. More walks through the park = excersise (plus you have a great buddy to help keep you going)

Sometimes, making a small change in the way we see things can make a big ripple through our lives. Try and look at things through your dog's eyes this up coming year and see that our goals are easier achieved than we think, especially with a great dog by our side.

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