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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does training cost?

Training options range in price depending on the option you choose. To see more about our training options, check out our Services here. Affordability is important to us, regardless of the option you choose, I will be sure to give you the tools you need to be independent of me as soon as possible.

Where do you service clients?

We service all of Waukesha county as well as parts of Milwaukee, Jefferson, and Walworth counties. I travel up to 30 miles from Delafield, anything further than that might be subject to extra travel fees.

Is my dog too young/too old for training?

No way! Since we use force-free, choice-based methods of training there is no puppy too young and no dog too old to get started. Our dogs are constantly learning and training should always be a fun part of their lives.

What breeds do you work with?

We work with all breeds! We pride ourselves on being a judgement free zone and that includes the dogs we work with. Whether your dog is big or small we want to help ensure the bond you share is special.

Do you offer group classes?

No, we do not offer group classes at this time. However, we have things in the works so stay tuned!

What training equipment do you use or recommend?

There is a variety of training equipment that I use and or recommend depending on what works best for the client's training goals and the dog. Some of the equipment consists of; front clip harnesses, flat buckle collars or martingale collars if needed for certain breeds, basket muzzles, clickers, treat pouches, standard 6-8 ft leash, head halter, and 15-20 ft training lead. 

Can you guarantee results?

I'm only with you and your dog for a brief time, it will be up to you to continue training when the lessons are over. Due to this I can not guarantee training results. However, I can guarantee that I will do my best to give you everything you need to ensure your equipped to continue training when I'm gone. You will also have access to my contact options for any and all questions and concerns between lessons. The way you choose to use the tools I give you will determine your success.

Our Training Policies
These are some of the policies we reinforce for all training clients. They allow us to ensure that everyone is safe and training progresses in the right direction. If you have any questions regarding our policies, feel free to contact us.


If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please give a minimum of 3 hours notice to prevent any unneeded travel delays or no shows. There is no charge for cancelations or reschedules made 3 hours, or more, in advance.

Cancelations or reschedules made within 3 hours of your lesson time will be charged as a full lesson. 

In the case of inclement weather, the trainer will contact you no later than 2 hours before your class time to cancel and or reschedule class for a later date. 


If/when homework is assigned, it is mandatory. It will be reviewed during the next lesson and all questions will be answered to allow training to continue to progress. If homework is not completed, the owner will receive one warning, if homework continues to be uncompleted, the trainer has the right to end the lesson(s) without refund.


Children are more than welcome and encouraged to be a part of any training option. We love to get the whole family on board and teach everyone how to keep the dog's training consistent. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Lessons containing a child under the age of 10 must have an additional adult present who is responsible for that child.


Refunds will not be given for any reason. However, lessons can be credited toward another option if the owner wishes to switch, such as moving from private lessons to training walks. See cancellation policy above for details on cancelling or rescheduling a lesson.


Owners must be willing to give a copy of up to date vaccinations or titer testing if asked to do so. Rabies, DHPP(V), and Bordetella will be the only vaccines of concern.

Training Tools

I do not allow the use of choke chains, prong collars, retractable leashes, or e-collars during lessons of any kind. If any of this equipment is used during training, the owner will receive one warning to terminate the use of the equipment. If they don't, lessons will end without refund. Some approved equipment consists of; a flat buckle collar or martingale collar if needed for some breeds, a standard 6-8 foot leash, and or a harness properly fitted to your dog. 

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