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Our mission is to help you and your dog build a life-long bond, and have the most fun doing it. By using positive, science-backed training techniques and the power of play, we build skills on both ends of the leash to allow proper communication to flow between you and your dog. Whether your training journey is long or short, there is always an element of fun and we will be there to ensure you find it. After all, what's life without a little fun?!

Meet The Trainer

Meet Katie and her dog Lincoln.

Raves & Reviews

"There is this really scary moment when the fluffy son you love dearly has to meet his new baby brother. You pray & hope they love each other and get along, but big brother Herc is always so curious and energetic. We had no idea what to expect. Thankfully Alternative Canine made all our worries disappear. We now have a puppy (even though he's almost 6) who knows his boundaries, but still feels loved - even with the new addition in the house. We never wanted Hercules to feel neglected even though our focus is now split between him and Noble. I really can't imagine what we would have done without Katie. Our nerves would have been shot always worrying about both of them but now our whole family can cuddle on the couch all at the same time. And that, is an irreplaceable gift to us."


-Abby A & Hercules


"Alternative Canine dog training was a great experience for both our family as well as our puppy.

In Home training allowed Katie to train our dog on many behaviors that were important to OUR family in OUR home. Me, as the parent was able to watch and learn from Katie’s cue’s and then practice them all week. This combination was a huge success and therefore our puppy learned so much quicker. 
You could definitely see Katie’s passion for animals. She was well educated, prepared always had time to answer questions and explain the reasoning behind her training. I would definitely recommend Alternative Canine dog training for a puppy as well as an older dog who may have a bad habit or two. It was a great experience." 


-Sara B & Ellie


Katie is a wonderful dog trainer! She worked with our Boxer/Pit mix, Lilo, multiple times. We worked on impulse control with Lilo and teaching her how to calm herself down, which was great because we have three young kids. This helped us set boundaries for Lilo and the kids and now they interact better than before! We love it because we can spend more time as a whole family without having to worry about her misbehaving. Thanks Alternative Canine! 

-Nikki K & Lilo


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